The Booklet

The 2016 ForesightNZ workshop saw thirty-six participants come together from the Far North to Southland to consider the possible futures of their country over the next forty years. The primary output of the workshop – the playing cards – and the accompanying booklet are available online. The stages participants undertook to brainstorm, sort, refine and design the playing cards are explained in detail in the booklet. You can download the booklet here or purchase ($10 each) from our online store.

Explanation of the Card Creating Process

Stage 1: Thursday early evening – each workshop intern created a list of cards for their group (List A).
Stage 2: Thursday late evening – one member from each group developed one set of cards on the white board (List B).
Stage 3: Friday morning – a set was given to the Treasury officials at the final presentation after a small group worked on List B in the early hours (List C).
Stage 4: Friday afternoon – a set was further developed at the end of the workshop on Friday afternoon after a small group worked on describing the cards (List D).

To download the workshop booklet, click here.